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Every project typically starts with the consultation.  This is the process where we gather information about your vision, goals and budget.  During this time our team can provide education on the most dependable technology choices and plan for your project.  This is a collaborative phase and our goal is to inform, educate and begin to form a relationship with our clients.



TruBlueAV has a dedicated and experienced team that is able to not only design your project but also provide installation services.  We utilize industry standard tools/instruments to install your products and organize your systems in a way that is very user / volunteer friendly.  Whether your project is a new construction or updating existing systems, our goal is to integrate every system seamlessly for the optimum functioning.  Along with installation comes training.  Our team members have years of experience working with volunteer teams and technicians to ensure that every system installed is completely user friendly.

Customer Training

We fully train our customers on how to use the systems we install.

Customer Service

We provide technical support even after we leave the job site.